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COURTIS / KIRITCHENKO / MOGLASS    Carbon / Gold Soundz / Tibrod / Nexsound  CD $8.99 Add To Cart Andrey Kiritchenko, the Moglass, and Anla Courtis 
COURTIS, ANLA  Tape Works  Pogus  CD $10.99 Add To Cart  
CYRUSREX  All.ofmeHyde  Negative 3  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
DARSOMBRA  Eternal Jewel  Public Guilt  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
DAS SYNTHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE  Some Conceptual Obligations, the Usual R  Pinch A Loaf  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
DEAD BOOMERS  Family Money  Sabbatical  CD $4.99 Add To Cart CDR. Heavy electronics from members of True Radical Miracle. 
DEAD MACHINES  The Night Terror  Chondritic Sounds  CD $4.99 Add To Cart 3 inch cdr 
DEAD VOICES ON AIR  How Hallow Hart  Invisible  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
DEAD VOICES ON AIR  Live  Invisible  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
DEAD VOICES ON AIR  s/t  Invisible  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
DEEP DARK UNITED  Ancient  Self Released  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
DESTRUCTO SWARMBOTS  s/t  Creepy Dog Eyes  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
DEWBERRY, DOLORES / ORIGAMI GENITALIA  Split  Nihilist  CD $4.99 Add To Cart Dolores is known well for her appearance on Susan Lawly's Extreme Music from Women CD, and is here in full power-electronics mode, complete with porn samples. Origami Genitalia is an electro-acoustic soundtrack collaboration between Eric Hofferber (Gentle Tasaday) and E.W. Hagstrom (Cock E.S.P.) 
DIAPHRAGM  Sublimation  SNSE  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
DOWNLOAD  Microscopic  Cleopatra  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
DR:OP:FR:AM+E  The Rule of Capture  Monotremata  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
DREAMCATCHER  Nimbus  Oh No No  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
DUSK OF HOPE  Flexible Response  Hermetique  CD $6.99 Add To Cart DVD packaging 
DVT  Cranial Fracture Recordings  Fracture  CD $8.99 Add To Cart  
DVT  s/t  Cranial Fracture  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
ECOLOGIE + HISTOIRE  Vitaminsforyou  Self Released  CD $2.99 Add To Cart 3 inch cd 
EKG  Object 2  Locust  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
EKG  Object 2  Locust  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
ELIJAH'S MANTLE  Remedies In Heresies  World Serpent  CD $14.99 Add To Cart  
ELOE OMOE  Marauders  Animal Disguise  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
FAILING LIGHTS  Evening Tomb  Gods Of Tundra  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
FE-MAIL  Voluptuous Vultures  Psychform  CD $13.99 Add To Cart The Voluptuous Vultures album from this electronics/noise duo consisting of MAJA RATKJE and HILD SOFIE TAFJORD, both known from the anarchistic improv quartet SPUNK. A rolling thunder of mayhem that combines all of these elements with the spazmatically beautiful vocal stylings of Ratkje. The first track, ?Valkyrie Procession?? sneaks up on you with a heartbeat like drone of noise that progresses into what seems to be an electronic orchestra tuning up for the blitzkrieg ahead. Soon, Maja bursts onto the field with a verbal assault and the madness overwhelms. 
FETISCH PARK  Sporen / Binumb  Extreme  CD $7.99 Add To Cart  
FORMA 4  Cycle  DTA  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
GARGAUD, GUILLAUME  She  Utech  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
GENDREAU, MICHAEL  Vitoj  Auscultare Research  CD $8.99 Add To Cart aka CRAWLING WITH TARTS 
GERRITT  Space Level Blaze  Misanthropic Agenda  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
GJERSTAD, FRODE / LASSE MARHAUG  Red Edge  Breathmint  CD $7.99 Add To Cart  
GM ELECTRONICS  Trashwalker  Existest  CD $9.99 Add To Cart CDr oversize packaging 
GOODMAN, GREG / HENRY KAISER / LUKAS LIG  Heavy Meta  Estatic Yod  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
GREENLEE  Katabasis. 1  IYNGES  CD $4.99 Add To Cart oop mini cd 
GREIF, RANDY / DAN BURKE  Fragment 56  Complacency / Swinginging Axe  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
GROWING  All The Way  The Social Registry  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
GROWING  His Return  Mega Blade  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
GUNSHOP  I/NO  Crippled Intellect  CD $9.99 Add To Cart cd in anti static bag 
HAFLER TRIO, THE  Exactly As I Do  Important  CD $19.99 Add To Cart  
HAFLER TRIO, THE  Normally  Soleilmoon  CD $15.99 Add To Cart  
HAIR POLICE  s/t  Hospital Productions  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
HANS GRUSEL'S KRANKENKABINET  Happy As Pitch  CIP  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
HAYLECK, ANDY  The Disappering Floor  Recorded  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
HEAVY SEALS  Jazz Bust  I Heart Noise  CD $4.99 Add To Cart featuring Brace Paine (Die Monitr Bats / The Gossip) and John Wiese (Sissy Spacek) 
HORSEBACK / LOCRIAN  New Dominions  Relapse  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
HULL, SCOTT  Audiofilm I  Crucial Blast  CD $1.99 Add To Cart 3 inch CD 
HUMAN LARVAE  Home Is Where The Hurt Is  Existence Establishment  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
HUNTED CREATURES  The Failure of Human Instincts  Dynamo Sound  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
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