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Artist Title Label Format Price   Notes
( R )  In Pink  Important  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
16 BITCH PILE UP / VERTONEN  Split  What We Do Is Secret  LP $5.99 Add To Cart  
3 FINGERS AND A FUMB  Various artists  Blast First  CD $6.99 Add To Cart 2CD Keiji Haino, Brotzmann, and more 
A MURDER OF ANGELS  Before Your Eyes  Annihilvs  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
A SLIGHT TOUCH OF GRACE  Various Artists  Release  CD $2.99 Add To Cart Nostalgia, Son-Dha, Vidna Obmana, Amber Asylum, Alio Die, Robert Rich, Terminal Sound System, Troum, Subterranean Source, 27 
AB DUO  Pogie Tunebook  Scrapple  CD $4.99 Add To Cart #7/50 
ACTUARY  The Reality Is, The Dream Is Dead  Crucial Blast  CD $6.99 Add To Cart CD in DVD case 
AIRLOCK  Airlock  LP $3.99 Add To Cart  
AJIKVSGA  From The Muddy Banks Of The Arkansas  Near Passerine Devotionals  LP $6.99 Add To Cart  
ALA MUERTE  Santa Elena  Public Guilt  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
ALVA NOTO  Transvision  Raster Noton  CD $11.99 Add To Cart  
AMBER ASYLUM  Frozen in Amber  Neurot  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
AMBUSH  Rumours  Possible  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
AMPLIFY 2002 / BALANCE  Various artists  Erstwhile Records  CD $39.99 Add To Cart 8CD box set 
ANDUIN  Stolen Years  SMTG Limited  LP $7.99 Add To Cart LP + CD 
ANGELSBREATH / CHUCK STEAK  Split  Mutual aid  CASS $4.99 Add To Cart  
APPLEBAUM, MARK  The Janus Remixes  Innova  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
AS ALL DIE  Victory  Flood The Earth  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
AS ALL DIE / VEINKE  split  Dragon Flight  CD $7.99 Add To Cart  
AT  s/t  Corleone  CD $1.99 Add To Cart  
ATCHLEY, KENNETH  Fountains  Auscultare  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
AUDIOCUM  Commincation Eradicate  Symbolic Prod  CD $3.99 Add To Cart  
B/B/S/  Brick Mask  Miasmah  LP $12.99 Add To Cart  
BACZKOWSKI / PADMANABHA  Mastoid Process  Iron Lung  EP $7.99 Add To Cart  
BARK HAZE, THE  LP  Important Records  LP $4.99 Add To Cart  
BASINSKI, WILLIAM / CHARTIER, RICHARD  split  Spekk  CD $2.99 Add To Cart  
BASTARD NOISE  Dedicated To Koji Tano  Kitty Play  CASS $5.99 Add To Cart  
BASTARD NOISE  Our Earth's Blood IV  Cathartic Process  CD $19.99 Add To Cart 5CD 
BASTARD NOISE / CHAOS AS SHELTER / IGOR   The Geometry Of Soul  Topheth Prophet  CD $5.99 Add To Cart  
BASTARD NOISE / GOVERNMENT ALPHA  Resurrection  Thumbprint Press  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
BAUDER / AJEMIAN  Object 3  Locust  CD $8.99 Add To Cart  
BE BAD  Vision Correction  Divorce  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
BEAK FULL OF RUBIES  s/t  Ypsilanti  LP $4.99 Add To Cart  
BEME SEED  Self Titled  Blast First  LP $5.99 Add To Cart  
BENNETT, BEN  Spoilage  Experimedia  LP $6.99 Add To Cart  
BEREFT & FIRE IN THE HEAD  Ma Pe Fu Volume 1  Existence Establishment  LP $7.99 Add To Cart #4/300 
BEREFT & FIRE IN THE HEAD  MA/PE/FU Volume 1  Existence Establishment  LP $14.99 Add To Cart LP/DVD 
BIG SIGH & BAD DREAM VACUUM  It Gets Easier  Olgo33  CASS $5.99 Add To Cart  
BILLOWING  Cruel Summer  Life Like  LP $4.99 Add To Cart  
BITCHNECK  No Power  Existence Establishment  CASS $5.99 Add To Cart  
BLACK TO COMM  Fractal Hair Geometry  Dekorder  LP $6.99 Add To Cart  
BLANCHARD, PHILLIP / CHRISTIAN RENOU  Play:Lunch  Plate Lunch  CD $8.99 Add To Cart  
BLATELLA GERM  Low Cost Terrorism  Symbolic Prod  CD $4.99 Add To Cart  
BLOOD KLUB II  Various Artists  Isolated Now Waves / Arithilemn  EP $2.99 Add To Cart Screened cover, with Koban, Mongst, N213, Yellowthief. Members of Shearing Pinx. 
BLOODYMINDED  s/t  Blood Lust  CD $9.99 Add To Cart  
BLOODYMINDED  s/t  Blood Lust  LP $25.99 Add To Cart  
BLOODYMINDED  Self Titled  Bloodlust  CD $8.99 Add To Cart  
BNSF  Object 6  Locust  CD $6.99 Add To Cart  
BORBETOMAGUS  The Rape Of Atlanta  Self Released  LP $10.99 Add To Cart  
BOVEDA  S/T  Self Released  CASS $4.99 Add To Cart  
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